Compressors & Tourbines

Compressors & Tourbines

Compressors, generators and turbines play an essential role not only in the realm of energy supply. But, above all, in oil , gas and petrochemical industries, our customers have to fulfil extraordinary high requirements to guarantee stability. Efficiency and safety even under extreme conditions, like high pressure and temperature as well as aggressive chemical . to assure high performance of such indispensable machines , choosing the right device type is inevitably crucial to meet the diverse customers’ requirements.

Petro Part Radaron supplies the complete line of technologically advanced and work- proven API 618 and API 11P compressors , which vary from centrifugal up to screw.

Reciprocating compressors. These are used for both . liquid and gas media within complex projects.


close up of the machine mechanisms in processing of metal product. Photo with depth of field

Moreover , we provide service solutions for turbines such as the acquisition of brand new turbines and generators. Thanks to our excellent connections to specialized professionals of turbine and generator overhaul companies, we offer a wide range of services like dismantling , installation &maintenance, on-site inspection . upgrading & overhauls.

So far. We have acquired and sold some used and upgraded gas & steam turbines as well as engines. This way we support our clients for a faster start-up. Lower investment and an acceptable recovery value.

We have more than 5.000different components and spare parts on stock and supply our customers with new and refurbished spare parts from well – know manufactures as shown below:

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